The Company’s Paints business manufactures the Dulux brand of paints for interior and exterior decoration and protection as well as products for surface preparation and wood care. The emphasis here, as with all other brands bearing the AkzoNobel imprint, is on quality, aesthetics and high performance in terms of longevity, washability and stain resistance, anti-colour fading, water proofing, ease of application, faster drying times, low VOC and odour, and so on. The paints are also free from any added lead, mercury or chromium compounds, underlining the importance that AkzoNobel gives to caring for the environment.

Dulux Velvet Touch ‘Pearl Glo’:

A premium luxury interior paint that gives a unique soft sheen and velvety smoothness to ceilings and walls. It is the only paint with a pearl glow finish, thus taking class and elegance to a whole new level. Besides its rich colours and great sheen, this paint provides washability and stain resistance, as well as anti-fungal properties, so your walls stay beautiful for years to come.

Dulux Velvet Touch ‘Trends’:

A range of interior wall designer finishes that helps create exclusive walls. Take a journey into your style and discover a variety of elements, patterns and shades that bring it to life.

Dulux WeatherShield:

A revolutionary exterior paint, which can reduce the surface temperature of your walls by up to 5 degrees Celsius (tested by the Centre of Energy Studies and Research), keeping homes cooler and more comfortable. The Solar Reflective Index (SRI) of this paint is double compared to regular exterior paints, thus reducing the heat build-up inside houses. This paint has amazing properties—international quality pigments and a superior resin that resist fading, cracking and peeling.

Dulux WeatherShield Max:

It is especially formulated to give a long-lasting protection and beautiful look. Its elastic latex film covers hairline cracks and it has a water resistant film that protects from dampness. The paint comes complete with preservatives that fight algae and fungus, keeping the exteriors of your home in a good shape for years.

Dulux WeatherShield Ultra Clean:

High performance exterior emulsion paint designed to protect exterior surfaces from the most challenging weather conditions. Its special resin resists chalking and peeling and maintains the film’s integrity. The paint’s unique formulation provides superior resistance to dirt pick-up, algae and fungal growth, hence keeping unsightly black spots away.

Dulux WeatherShield Clear:

A unique, transparent silicone-based water-repellant coating for application on tiles, bricks and stones. Its silicone technology prevents water absorption and protects the accumulation of dust, along with making the surface non-porous, thus inhibiting fungal growth.

Dulux WeatherShield Tex:

This exterior paint offers designer textured finishes that can unleash the customer’s creativity for personalised surroundings through a range of effects. It is formulated with special materials that give it unparalleled toughness, durability and water repellency. The paint’s high consistency and filling properties allow it to hide the imperfections on exterior walls.

Dulux TileShield:

It is especially formulated to give long-lasting protection and an aesthetic appearance. The paint’s tough water-repellant film protects the exteriors of houses from rain and its special preservatives fight algae and fungus. Its latex-enriched formula gives a glow to tiles and bricks.

Dulux Promise:

Offers great value to consumers with its all-in-one package of competitive pricing, superior technology and environment-friendly features. This paint has a unique formulation that ensures easy application and long-lasting protection against harsh weather conditions. Its Colour Guard technology gives walls rich, non-fading colours and its STAR technology provides extra hardness.

Dulux Gloss:

Superior quality synthetic enamel for wood and metal, it is hard-wearing, washable and quick drying.


Impressive growth and green technology are among the key words here. The Company’s Industrial Coatings business provides some of the most advanced packaging coatings and inks on the market, protecting everything from food and drinks cans to aerosols and metal closures. Its innovative products include coil and extrusion coatings for commercial and residential metal building products, home appliances and automotive components. The specialty plastics coatings and films are used by leading brands in consumer electronics, cosmetic packaging and lifestyle products.

Further there is an amazing range of products from Protective Coatings Business which offers extensive range of high-performance coatings and fire protection systems for assets across a wide range of industries both offshore and onshore. In Marine Coatings we are a technology leader in fouling control & abrasion, chemical & impact-resistant coatings for vessels being built repaired or maintained; Automotive and Aerospace Coatings for vehicle refinish and Powder Coatings for a wide array of applications including furniture, automotives, information technology, appliances, the architectural market and general industry.

Ceilcote: Provides high-performance corrosion control solutions for steel and concrete structures since 1926. Its wide range includes polymer linings, coatings, flooring and grout for virtually every industry and corrosive environment.

Chartek: The Chartek epoxy intumescent technology provides excellent fire protection and corrosion resistance; it is also lightweight, with proven long-term durability and minimum maintenance. It is used extensively in the offshore oil and gas market. The three main Chartek branded products, Chartek 7, Chartek 8 and Chartek 1709, all provide exceptional performance in a range of fire scenarios.

Devoe: Its range is considered synonymous with superior protection, improved productivity and long-lasting results. This brand is known for its pioneering spirit and commitment to quality, backed by more than 250 years of experience.

Dynacoat Crest: Dynacoat Crest is an entry level PU finish in the Dynacoat range of products. It offers a durable long-lasting, high gloss finish at an economical price, truly befitting its tagline: ‘Providing more for less’.

Dynacoat Miluz: Dynacoat Miluz is an international product offering optimum paint solution with outstanding color accuracy. The product assures international quality and colour support with its global presence in more than 60 countries.

Dynacoat Vektor: Dynacoat Vektor stands for “Value for Money”, it offers best product flexibility, coverage and color solution at the most reasonable price.

Duco/ DUCO Regent: Duco automotive paint gives a high quality, air-drying, nitro-cellulose-based finish, which is ideal for refinishing all types of vehicles. It is the best-in-class NC product providing a fast drying finish, coverage, excellent colour retention and long-lasting durability.

Duco Gallop: Leading premium Alkyd brand providing high gloss, clarity, durable finish and fast drying solution to your vehicle. Gallop is used for refinishing all types of scooters, motorbikes, commercial vehicles and cars.

Enviroline: Its series of linings are recognised as both reliable and cost-effective for providing long-term durability and protection against chemical attack, corrosion and leaks. Enviroline products from International Protective Coatings reduce downtime by 50%.

International: The leading brand of AkzoNobel’s Marine and Protective Coatings business unit. It is the world market leader in heavy duty coatings for shipbuilding and repair, the largest manufacturer of high-performance protective coatings and fire protection for building construction and maintenance, and the leading supplier of yacht paints.

Interpon: A leader in architectural, automotive, domestic appliance and industrial markets, its technology is recognised the world over. Product range includes powder coatings based on fusion bonded epoxy, epoxy-polyester, polyester, acrylic and polyurethane polymers.

Polydure: This polyester paint serves a variety of different markets such as garage and entry doors to laundry and HVAC uses. It. provides smooth, fast application, excellent gloss and extensive colour selection.

Resicoat: Protects pipelines, valves, reinforcing steel and fittings from corrosion. It also does a good job of insulating electrical components. Copes with the most extreme temperatures, as well as the effects of weather and pollution, thus dramatically cutting repair bills. It is also highly cost-effective and completely solvent-free.

Sikkens: A renowned global brand that provides cutting edge technology and premium quality for car refinishes application and services to all body shops. Committed to innovate, develop and deliver new coatings and services for the demanding car repair businesses, Sikkens products prove cost-effective as well.

Sikkens Solvent-Borne: A premium paint system suitable for all types of car refinish jobs, from spot repairs to complete re-sprays, it has been approved by top OEMs worldwide. Autobase Plus helps you achieve optimal colour match and excellent coverage.

Sikkens Water-Borne: An environment-friendly water-borne system with perfect coverage, it provides a time-efficient and cost-effective solution to your body shop. A superior choice to achieve sustainable solution with best colour match and quality.

Sikkens Autocoat BT: A truly global brand for the commercial vehicles refinishes OEM and builders’ market. It provides customised solutions to improve a body shop’s bottom line performance.

Sikkens Autocoat BT: A truly global brand for the commercial vehicles refinishes OEM and builders’ market. It provides customised solutions to improve a body shop’s bottom line performance.

Trinar: A high performance fluoro-polymer coating, its unique resin is combined with other proprietary resins and the highest quality ceramic and inorganic pigments for the finest metal finish available. Offers exceptional resistance to ultraviolet radiation in sunlight for maximum protection against weathering effects, such as fading and chalking. Custom or standard, every colour is designed to last.