Rajasekaran Guha

Whole-time Director

Rajasekaran Guha was appointed as a Whole-time Director of the Company from September 2018. Guha is a finance and corporate professional and has qualifications on Chartered Accountancy, Management Accountancy and Corporate Secretary-ship, after graduating from the University of Madras.

Guha joined the company in 1983 and has handled all aspects of finance, control and governance functions in a career spanning over three decades with the company. Prior to joining the Board, he was the Company Secretary and General Manager- Corporate Affairs with responsibility in areas of

  • Corporate governance
  • Investor Relations
  • CSR
  • Risk Management & Corporate Treasury

Over the years, Guha has played key role in the mergers, acquisitions, share buybacks and business re-structuring to support the corporate objective of becoming a focused Paints and Coatings company.