Guidelines – Physical Form

All queries relating to equity shares to be addressed to the Share Transfer Agent while sending queries/grievances, investors need to quote:

  • Folio number
  • Certificate number, Distinctive Numbers, Number of Shares.
  • Full address including PIN Code and telephone/fax no/mobile no./email id. if any.   (Download format)

Please send valuable documents by registered post. Keep photocopies of share certificates, transfer deeds and postal registration slip/acknowledgement, etc.  Any change in signature should be intimated to the Company with a fresh specimen of the signature duly attested by the banker.  Non-Resident Indian (NRI) shareholders may have to furnish RBI approvals wherever applicable. They may also give NRO/NRE bank account number with name and address of the bank etc as per the performa attached to enable remittance of future dividends.


Procedure for Transfer of Shares 

  • Share Certificate(s) along with the Share Transfer Form duly completed  in all respects including affixing Share Transfer Stamps at the reverse of the Share Transfer Form and a copy of the PAN card of the transferee(s) duly self attested to be sent to the RTA.
  • While sending shares for transfer following documents need to be complete:
    • Transfer deed (check that it is not time barred i.e. valid for one year)
    • Signature(s) of the transferor(s), duly witnessed
    • Signature of the transferor(s) duly attested.
    • Signatures of the transferee(s) and their particulars
    • Share transfer stamps, calculated @ 0.25% of the current market price, duly cancelled
    • Photocopy of PAN of transferee(s) duly self attested.
  • In case of Power of Attorney (POA)
    • Transferor to quote POA registration number as registered with the Share Transfer Agent on the transfer deed or else, transferee to request the transferor, before approaching for transfer, to have the POA registered with the Share Transfer Agent
    • Transferee wishing to sign the Share Transfer Form through a constituted attorney, to signature of Attorney duly attested.

    In case the purchaser has an existing folio number

    • Existing folio number to be quoted on transfer deed to enable registration of new shares in the same folio number
    • Photocopies of the share certificate/s and the transfer deed(s) sent for transfer to be retained by the transferee.
    • Send share certificate(s), duly completed Transfer Deed along with copy of PAN Card by registered post with acknowledgement due to the Share Transfer Agents of the Company.
    • In case Company returns shares under objection giving details of grounds under which the transfer could not be effected:

    Investor to get the errors/discrepancies corrected. Rectified/ good securities can be resubmitted to the Share Transfer Agent for effecting the transfer.

    The Company endeavors to return the Share Certificate(s) duly registered transfers within 15 days from the date of receipt, if all documents are properly executed. Transfer Committee meets thrice a month. In case share certificate(s) do not reach shareholders within 30 days from the date they are sent a query may be emailed to the Share Transfer Agent.


    Procedure for Transmission of shares in case of death of shareholder

    Share Certificate(s) along with the necessary documents to be sent to the Share Transfer Agent.

    If shares held in joint names, other joint holders to provide:

    • Death certificate of the deceased share holder , in original or copy thereof duly attested by competent authorities (magistrate, notary public, gazetted officer, managers of nationalised banks)
    • Transmission form (download Transmission Form) or request on plain paper, without affixing share transfer stamp, duly completed by the surviving joint holder(s)
    • Share certificate(s) in original Photocopy of PAN of the surviving joint holder(s) duly self attested.
    • If shares held in single name, legal heir(s) to provide:
    • A copy of probate of will along with the copy of Will of the deceased duly attested by the competent authorities.
    • Where deceased shareholder has not left any Will, a copy of succession certificate or letter of administration duly attested.
    • Death certificate of the deceased share holder, in original or copy thereof duly attested by competent authorities (magistrate, notary public, gazetted officer, managers of nationalised banks)
    • Transmission form or request on a plain paper, without affixing share transfer stamp , duly signed by legal heir(s)
    • Share certificate(s) in original
    • Photocopy of PAN of the successor(s)/administrator(s)/executor existing duly self attested.

    Where the Company, at its discretion (if the shares involved are not more than 100) waives requirement of production of Succession Certificate or Letter of Administration, legal heirs to provide:

    Indemnity Bond/Affidavit,  Transmission Form / etc. (Download procedure, Download Consent Letter &  Download Transmission Form)


    Procedure for availing facility of nomination on shares

    • Nomination can be made only by: Individuals holding shares in a single name or joint name(s) not more than two joint holders.
    • Request for nomination on shares to be sent to the Share Transfer Agent
    • To availing the facility shareholder to provide:
    • Form No.2B, duly signed by all holders (signature(s) duly attested by the Manager of the Bank (Download format)
    • Separate forms to be submitted in respect of each Folio
    • Following individuals can also be appointed as nominees:
    • A minor, provided name and address of the guardian and the date of birth of the minor is given
    • A Non-Resident Indian (on repatriable or non-repatriable basis), subject to Reserve Bank of India’s permission, as applicable.
    • Shareholder holding shares in dematerialised form to approach Depository Participants concerned regarding nomination.
    • Any transfer/sale of shares by holder/joint holders automatically cancels nomination registered.
    • Law permits shareholder to vary or cancel nomination.
    • Nominee acquires right to the shares only on the death of individual shareholder (where shares are held by only one person) or on the death of both/all joint holders (where shares are held jointly)
    • Nominee is the only person who can claim shares of the deceased shareholder(s)
    • For claiming shares in the event of death of the holder/joint holders, nominee should provide to Share Transfer Agent: Requisition letter duly signed by nominee
    • Death certificate of shareholder(s), in original or attested copy thereof
    • Share certificates, in original
    • Proof of identity of nominee, unless specimen signature of nominee is furnished in Nomination Form itself
    • Photocopy of PAN duly self attested.
    • Specimen signature duly attested by the Manager of the Bank
    • Photocopy of address proof documents duly attested.
    • Transmission form duly completed


    Procedure for Issue of duplicate share certificate(s)

    • In case of theft or loss of share certificate(s) shareholders concerned required  to write to Share transfer Agent immediately for noting of Stop Transfer and to obtain the details of certificate and distinctive nos. to provide some documents as per the requirement of Share Transfer Agent:Indemnity Bond/Affidavit etc. (Download procedure & Download formats)
    • Demand draft payable at New Delhi, of such amount as intimated by the Company to defray the expenses of advertisement to be published in newspapers for this purpose. However, the Company may, at its sole discretion decide to waive the requirement of filing complaint and issue of advertisement if the shares involved are not more than 100.


    Procedure for Payment of Dividend through National Electronic Clearing Services (NECS)

    • NECS facility is optional and only an additional mode of dividend payment with the following distinct advantages:
    • Instant credit to bank account at no extra cost.
    • Total avoidance of fraudulent encashments.
    • No loss of dividend warrants in transit.
    • Under this facility
    • Dividend amount payable directly credited to shareholder’s bank account at the earliest
    • Bank branch concerned indicates credit entry as ‘”NEFT’” in shareholder’s pass book/statement of account.
    • To avail this facility shareholder holding shares in physical form, require to provide mandate for NECS in prescribed format to Share Transfer Agent. (Download new ECS format)
    • The Company presently offers this facility only to shareholders with a bank account at certain selected centers.
    • The Company reserves the right to pay dividend by issue of dividend warrants instead of paying dividend through NECS for any reason including insufficient response.


    Mandate for Payment of Dividend
    To ensure that dividend warrants reach shareholders safely and promptly, request for printing bank account details on dividend warrant to be sent to Share Transfer Agent in prescribed format for those who are holding shares in physical form (Download new Divident Payment Mandate form) and those holding shares in demat form should furnish the NECS to their DP as per prescribed format of the concerned DP


    Procedure for Issue of Duplicate Dividend Warrant(s)

    • Dividend Warrants dispatched within thirty days of approval of dividend by shareholders at Annual General Meeting (AGM)
    • Request for issue of duplicate dividend warrants to be sent to Share Transfer Agent
    • In case of loss/ theft/of dividend warrant, shareholder to provide:
    • Folio number
    • Requisition letter signed by sole holder/ first holder/ all joint holders
    • Demand Draft in lieu of loss of original warrants are issued after reconciling the bank statement, ie, after 90 days from date of issue of warrants, if the said warrant(s) are found not to have not been encashed.


    Procedure for Revalidation of Dividend Warrant(s)

    • On expiry of validity period of dividend warrant(s), request for revalidation of such warrants to be sent to Share Transfer Agent.
    • For revalidation of dividend warrants shareholder to provide unencashed warrant(s).


    Procedure for Correction of mistakes in Share Certificate(s)/ Dividend Warrant(s)

    • Request for correction in share certificate(s), dividend warrant(s) to be sent to Share Transfer Agent.
    • Requisition letter duly signed by all holders
    • Original share certificate/Dividend Warrant  along with the photocopy/ies of PAN duly self attested and an Affidavit on Non-Judicial stamp paper of Rs. 20/- duly affirmed before a 1st class Magistrate/Notary Public.


    Procedure for Change of Address

    • Request for change in address/bank mandate details to be sent to Share Transfer Agent.
    • For such change shareholder to provide:

    (Download for change of address & Download ECS format)