Sustainability Products

The key words here are responsible care. Elaborate that with equally important words such as conservation of energy, research, development and innovation and you get a clear picture of what drives AkzoNobel. Here is a Company which realises that its vision for a green tomorrow has little or no meaning unless it is incorporated in all its products. So be it chemicals or coatings, the intent is to ensure that the focus remains on creating a healthy planet.

Alcoguard® H 5240, for instance, is produced using hybrid technology developed by AkzoNobel that combines natural (plant-based) materials (selected polysaccharides) with petrochemical materials (synthetic monomers) and is based on over 60% renewable resources. The full and rapid biodegradability of the polysaccharides contained in this product makes it an environmentally friendly alternative (with a significantly lower carbon footprint) to traditional synthetic polymers. It has even been granted Design for Environment (DfE) certification by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Indeed, the Company continues to use its research and development base to bring consumers new products with improved performance features and products for special applications. Take the example of Dulux Super Smooth Colour Bright, an interior paint that produces greater light in a room. According to independent evaluation tests conducted at the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in the UK, a room decorated with LumiTecTM-based interior emulsion paints can save up to 20% artificial lighting energy, thereby making it a sustainable product solution with energy cost savings. Dulux Super Smooth Colour Bright uses this technology to reduce the amount of light absorbed by the painted surface and to reflect up to twice as much light around the room, compared to conventional emulsion paints of a similar hue and chroma.

Then there is Dulux Guardian, an anti-bacterial paint, which has been launched with a view to create healthy living conditions at home. Guardian is the only paint in India to be certified by an independent laboratory for protection against six bacteria that cause health problems such as diarrhea, blood poisoning, lung and intestinal infections. It also has low odour and low VOC, making it extremely safe for the user and the environment.

The Company has also recently introduced the concept of a sustainability gate with a tool known as the Environment Impact Analyser, once gain underscoring the fact that it keeps a close eye on its green initiatives.