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Benefits of our wide range


Dirt Guard technology

Dirt Guard Technology resists dirt and dust with it’s special UV-cross linking function, which binds paint molecules when exposed to the sun's UV rays. Dirt and dust particles stay on the surface, unable to penetrate the paint film easily; when the rain comes, these get washed away. As a result, exterior walls look fresher and cleaner longer.

Alkali-Guard technology

With its unique Alkali-Guard technology, Dulux Weathershield molecules are strongly bonded together, creating a paint film that gives superior protection from alkali attack.

SunReflect technology

SunReflect technology uses special pigments which reflects infrared radiation back to the atmosphere. Heat build-up on exterior walls is reduced by up to 5°C, keeping homes cooler inside.

Fungal guard technology

Fungal guard technology is complete with preservatives that fight algae and fungus thereby resisting formation of ugly black spots and fungal patches, keeping the exteriors of your home in a good shape for years.