Akzo Nobel India Limited

Institutions and Builders

Why Dulux Professional?



Your professional requirements encourage our colour leadership, inspire our product development and guide our services excellence. No matter which sector you belong with, Dulux Professional promises the best quality, standards and process necessary for your sector's development.

Specification Support

Our coatings specifications consultants can assist in paint specifications recommendation and writing, as well as provide samples and cost estimates tailored to your specific requirements to ensure the most appropriate products and systems for project’s location, environment and substrates.

Colour Preview

Our "Preview" service provides high quality visualization of colour schemes for your team before project commences. It helps reinforce the corporate identity with its building design, fixtures and writing.

On-Site Management

To achieve best quality painting and finishing, thereby ensuring best paints performance and durability, we provide Technical Support for on-site management. Proper surface diagnosis, guided painting and mixing processes, on the spot technical advice and preserving consumption records and procedures we advocate.